Five questions

Hi, y'all. Sorry it took me so long to come up with these. I hope you like 'em. You're supposed to answer these on your own blog, and then give five questions to your first five commenters (commentators?). Have fun!

Oh, and by the way, "Anonymous" turned out to be my best friend! He 'fessed up last night while we were snuggling in bed. (Honey, since you don't have a blog of your own, you can answer your questions in a comment here.)

  1. Why especially Isaiah?
  2. Why did you choose that particular picture for your profile?
  3. How do you find all these weird and funny news stories (Jewish chewing gum rules; giant lobsters; elephant potty training)?
  4. When you get a "smattering" of attention from a telemarketer, how do you respond?
  5. What was the last meal you prepared (you, who hates to cook)?
  1. Why did you first get involved in local politics? Do you think you might run for mayor in the future? (Sorry, that's actually two questions, but I'm really eager to know. My sister-in-law is a former mayor, and her whole experience was fascinating.)
  2. How did you become interested in handwriting analysis?
  3. You are an AMAZING artist. Do you just toss these off in your spare time, or do you have a studio? Do you take commissions? (Sorry, two questions again.)
  4. What's the best and worst thing about living in the town you grew up in?
  5. So, what's on top of your fridge right now?
  1. Your motorcycle ride through Europe sounded awesome; what's the worst trip you ever took?
  2. How did you decide to become a school librarian -- I mean, school media specialist?
  3. Why do you love the Betsy Tacy books so much?
  4. And speaking of books, what are the next few titles on your must-read list?
  5. If you could go backwards in time, what year would you like to visit?
  1. As an editor, what are some of your biggest pet peeves?
  2. What are your plans for your first day as a stay-at-home mom?
  3. How would you describe your parenting style?
  4. Why is your blog called Mimilou?
  5. If you could get a babysitter for an entire weekend, what would you do?
  1. What celebrity (alive or dead) would you want to meet, and what would you say to that person?
  2. What's your favorite historical time period?
  3. What's the first thing you're going to do when we win the lottery?
  4. What's your favorite memory from our honeymoon trip to England (keep it clean)?
  5. Tell about a happy memory from your childhood.


  • Got my questions - working on the answers! Stay tuned. How do I get to the blogs of the others? I'd like to see their answers too!

    posted by Blogger GuusjeM on 8:55 PM