For all you aspiring poets out there

Forget your sonnets, your haiku, your heroic couplets . . . .

Have you ever heard of a clerihew?

Clerihew was the middle name of E. C. Bentley, the classic mystery writer (Trent's Lase Case, and others). When he was in college, he and his friend G. K. Chesterton invented a new form of poetry. Here's how it works. A clerihew has only four lines. Rhyme scheme is AABB. Meter is whatever you want. But it has to be about a famous person, and that person's name must be mentioned somewhere in the first line. Oh, and the sillier the better. Here are a few examples.

It was a pity about Dickens'
Insane jealousy of chickens,
And one could really almost weep
At his morbid mistrust of sheep.

The people of Spain think Cervantes
Equal to half-a-dozen Dantes:
An opinion resented most bitterly
By the people of Italy.

It only irritated Brahms
To tickle him under the arms.
What really helped him to compose
Was to be stroked on the nose.

When Alexander Pope
Accidentally trod on the soap
And came down on the back of his head—
Never mind what he said.

Aren't they great? But out of date. We need some more current clerihews. Anyone? Anyone? Well, ok, I'll start you off. But then it's your turn. How about, hmmm . . .

In high school Bill Gates
Had trouble finding dates.
All the girls had heard
He was a computer nerd.

Now it's your turn.


  • Compared to Colin Firth,
    There are no stars of worth.
    Even though his films are corny,
    When I see him, I get. . . .

    Well, you know.

    I came here via Guusje and I love your blog.

    posted by Blogger Mamacita on 10:43 PM  

  • Although Dan would Rather,
    You forget the Memo Blather.
    Too many bloggers in righteous numbers.
    Won't let the subject slumber.

    posted by Blogger mrsd on 11:18 PM  

  • Harry Potter's eyes
    coud likely cauterize
    bleeding warts
    unless they were Voldemort's

    posted by Blogger doulicia on 12:31 PM  

  • Hillary Swank
    remembered to thank
    her spouse first of all
    in her Oscar curtain call

    posted by Blogger doulicia on 2:07 PM  

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    posted by Blogger Rhodent on 4:38 PM  

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    her blog is quite funny, you see
    "I Eat Books" and "Random_Speaks"
    Are definitely worthy of your peeks

    Osama Bin Laden is most wanted
    Our Security forces he's taunted
    I don't know if he'll ever be caught,
    but perhaps someday soon he'll be naught.

    Ok so the first one is not exactly correct, but I thought you might be interested in another blog about books by a true bookworm!

    I just discovered your blog and enjoyed it. I will be back!

    posted by Blogger Rhodent on 4:39 PM