From the sickbed

Thanks for all your good wishes (and clerihews)! I still feel like c**p — in fact today's been the worst day so far — but it sure helps to know people out there are sending sympathy. Thanks!

My husband is writing up sub plans for the fourth day in a row, bless him. My kids have been great. I've been able to take plenty of oatmeal baths (yuk). Even better, in between naps today I discovered and greedily devoured every word of this blog.


  • I don't remember having chicken pox myself, but having watched my own children go through it, I know how gruesome it can be. You have my sympathy! Hope you feel better soon, and remember what mom always said...don't scratch!

    posted by Blogger Rhodent on 11:41 PM  

  • Julie,
    So sorry you're sick. I've left comments but they wouldn't display! :( Oh well, hope you're feeling better now.


    posted by Blogger mrsd on 1:06 PM  

  • I still remember the misery of a "light" case of chicken pox as a kid. I sure hope you're feeling better soon! :)
    Since I didn't post a clerihew at the time and forgot until you mentioned it here to come back: here's a *VERY SICK* one to SCARE THE POX away. (If it offends you, it's meant for silliness, but feel free to delete it):

    I spied Nathaniel Hawthorne
    On Sesame Street reading porn,
    It was worse than a vile dream
    His twisted grin made me scream!

    posted by Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) on 3:15 AM