I'm trying hard here

to process and understand what is happening to our country. I had decided not to blog about the aftermath of Katrina anymore but honestly I feel like this once-great country of ours is falling to pieces all around me. Every time I think we've hit rock bottom, and things couldn't possibly get any worse, I find I was wrong. I started to cry yesterday in the car, listening to Pops Staples singing "Hope in a Hopeless World."


  • I have been blogging obsessively about Katrina because I just can't seem to handle it. I don't mean that to be praising myself--really, I just can't seem to help myself. But I totally understand feeling at a loss for what to say. Somehow, I manage to both feel ineffectual and to not know what to say and to fill post after post with rambling, sad words. Maybe I'm schizophrenic?

    Off-topic: Totally live the new look! The drawing before was cool, don't get me wrong, but I just love the look now.

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  • Julie I know what you mean. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said...

    It feels so hopeless. I'm worried about our country.

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  • I know the feeling. Every time I get so crushed again, I remember and think of all of the good people out there doing the good work, and hoping that THAT will be contagious.

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  • I find I need to keep taking breaks from the news because it is all so depressing.

    On a more cheerful note -- I notice you've done some fall housecleaning. Everything looks so clean and bright. I love it.

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  • I think so many of us are feeling the same way right now and have probably been feeling it since You-Know-Who took office (and I am not talking about Voldemort. Wait a minute! Maybe I am talking about Voldemort!) I was listening to people from Jefferson Parish on NPR today and you just feel for them - they are afraid to leave their homes for fear of looting, they are not in New Orleans directly so they don't have easy access to aid like others. It is heartbreaking.

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  • I think so many people are feeling this way right now and probably have been since You-Know-Who came into office (and no, I am not talking about Voldemort. Wait a minute! Maybe I AM talking about Voldemort!) I was listening to people from Jefferson Parish talk today on NPR and you just feel horrible for them: they were let back in to assess damage to their property but then they were supposed to leave and like 100,000 of them decided to stay because they are afraid their property will be looted. They are not in New Orleans so there aren't any easily accessible aid stations for them. It is heartbreaking.

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  • Geez, I didn't see that my other comment posted. Sorry for the duplicate.

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  • Thanks, you guys. The one thing that really helps is knowing others feel the same way. Whether it's blogging obsessively, or needing to take breaks, we all have our strategies for trying to come to terms.

    And thanks all for the nice words about my, uh, fall housecleaning efforts. :)

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  • Amen.

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  • It seems the country is becoming more extreme on both ends. I have a lot of faith in the very good, compassionate people that I discover everywhere. Unfortunately, they rarely seem to be in charge. I have an eerie, surreal feeling about this entire business. I shudder to think it, but I somewhat suspect we are heading toward some sort of climax. Maybe I just have too deep a belief in plot.

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  • Yes, it's very hard for all of us. I wrote two posts in a row (9-11 and 9-16), in which I did not come right out in the open about more ESP about weather...and I don't mean Ophelia that I wrote a bit about there.

    I keep an ESP log (that maybe you and I can talk about off blogland sometime... but not now. I'm too bombarded.

    I just cried tears of relief because I heard from a very close friend that they already left Houston and are safe after hrs on the road.

    I've never kept records of where blogging buds are from, but I rememeber that Guus lives there. My heart goes out to all who are suddently leaving their homes and fleeing for safety. That is the real crux behind my heavey heart on 9-11 post and the continuing "doldrums" for the 9-16 post.

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