Did I say flu???

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Look what developed this evening! Poor Joey! He's pretty freaked out by the spots on his tummy. I'm pretty freaked out because I never had chicken pox as a kid, and even once had a blood test to confirm that I'm not immune. Yikes.

I had a hard time explaining to Joey why I wanted to take this picture. "Well, honey," I didn't say, "I just want to post the photo on the WORLD WIDE web!"


  • Flew in here "tenaciously" on my kosher broomstick (it's truly not kosher ;) Anyway, this bibliophile is here via one of my daily reads "Flesh & Bone", which is also the 1ST link I put up on my own blog.

    I sure hope your son feels better soon and that you don't catch it.
    I'm bookmarking you (all puns intended ;), to read and comment when it's not 5 a.m! I'll be back another day. So happy to have found another "reading" site!!! Yahooo! :)

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