Something for my parents

Melissa the Book Nut tagged me with this re-reading meme (name five books you read as a teen that you'd like to re-read), which I'm not answering quite yet, although I will soon. First I have to have a conversation with my Dad. He once interviewed me for what, two solid hours, on the topic of why I love to re-read books. This was for a paper he was writing about why people choose to re-experience things (is that right, Dad?). Well, you know how much I love to talk about books, so that interview was two hours of pure joy for me. Anyway, re-reading is a rich topic, and I'll get into it when I have a little more time.

The reason why I'm mentioning this right now is because I'm just about to re-read something. I got notice this afternoon that my interlibrary loan request came through— Circus Shoes! I haven't read it since childhood, and I had such a hankering after reading Ballet Shoes. And yes, Mom, I'll bring it over as soon as I'm done!

Steve's grades are due tomorrow, so he'll be out this evening. The kids are fried, so they'll be in bed early. I have a stick of butter softening on the counter (not that that'll take long in this heat), soon to be incorporated into a bowl of fabulous oatmeal cookie dough. South Beach be d**ned! Nothing's gonna stop me from spending this evening with Circus Shoes and raw cookie dough.



  • Such a good book. I read it several times.

    posted by Blogger liz on 8:31 PM  

  • Be curious to what you think of Circus Shoes when you re-read it as an adult. Streatfeild was so Victorian when it came to class structure and the social order and her views come through loud and clear in this book - more so I think than in any of her others.

    posted by Blogger GuusjeM on 9:30 PM  

  • Stopped in to say "hi!" Is your hubby fff all summer? WHen I worked as a therapist for the school system, some summers I also worked...

    There are several books I'd like to re-read, but they have been limited to the ones I've read to my children up through early teen years, and the ones I've re-read in order to teach English, reading comp., SAT prep, etc to students.

    My time is so limited because I'm not a SAHM that I read new books; however, even that has not occurred in quite some time. To think I used to read a book/day! Do you hear "GEL needs a vacation? lol? " :) THat said, I love *reading* other's blogs since I have time for short spurts of reading while working at the computer. (Still miss those long books, though!) Sigh

    posted by Anonymous SilverMoon(GEL)-other writings... on 9:52 AM  

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