Proud mama update

Before you read this anecdote, go back and read this.

My son was elected to student council the other day. His school has a rule that you can only run for student council every other year, and the membership changes every semester. He was also on it in first grade. I commented to him that maybe in fifth grade (two years away) he could run for president, since he’d be allowed to run again by then, and the president has to be in fifth grade. Please understand, I’m not a pushy mom. The only reason I suggested it to him, and he knows this, is because his dad, aunt and uncle were all student council presidents at this same elementary school. Family tradition, etc. “Nah,” he said, “I don’t want to be student council president.” “Why not?” sez I, curiously. After a pause, he says, in a fake but fairly realistic southern drawl, “As ah said, ah wanna live the stress-free life!” Duh. What was I thinking?