We're back!

Hi everyone!

We're back from our trip, feeling simultaneously exhausted and refreshed. My brother-in-law is the designated family photographer: not only does he take terrific pictures, but he actually remembers to bring his camera. So, as soon as he downloads the photos, I'll post some.

I had decided to forego the Kite Runner discussion in favor of going sailing (a no-brainer) but fate dictated otherwise. It rained that morning. So I went. Along with 30 other people. We should have divided into smaller groups, but instead we all crammed into one big circle. Most people liked it a lot, though there were a few who didn't. The discussion was interesting. It focused mainly on class distinctions and Afghani culture, as opposed to the literary merits (or lack thereof!) of the novel. I was a little shy with so many people there: I didn't have the courage to bring up the comparison to Atonement, and I also wasted a perfect opportunity to take a Life of Pi vs. Kite Runner poll. Oh well! The discussion didn't make me like the book any more, but it did make me think about different aspects of it. But I would rather have gone sailing.

There's still lots of laundry and other catching up to do, but I am looking forward to going through my blog roll later today.