One last thing

I can't leave you all without passing on this treat.


  • What a treat! I especially loved these:
    I do believe I've discovered another ancient kitty comb.

    ...creatures with mildewed fur and scales whom the meanest roadside zoo would have rejected--and hoped the antidepressants would kick in soon.

    so he could wave bye-bye to this duplicitous life, but the chances of him pulling this off were only so-so, much less than 50-50.

    ...that was why he was smiling when Bradshaw shot him.

    Tom dies in the end of the story so don't get too attached to him.


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  • Loved it!

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  • My weekend is now complete.

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  • This is as priceless as a Ming vase at a garage sale in a small Iowa town, famous for corn husk art like the kind you'd see at a Southwester market, famous for turquoise, like the kind you'd see worn by an aging ballet teacher in New York City.

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  • :D

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