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I wasn't completely surprised to learn that Agatha Christie is the most-translated author in the world. But guess who comes in at number 2? Jules Verne.

There's an interesting article about Verne in the March Smithsonian magazine. It turns out his novels were badly bowdlerized in Victorian-era translations, and the movies only made things worse. (Please click on the link if you don't know the hilarious etymology of the word.) According to the article, Journey to the Center of the Earth "remains one of the liveliest introductions to earth science, fossil biology and evolution in literature." Furthermore, it was published only five years after Darwin's Origin of Species came out. How cool is THAT? The article calls him a writer of "scientific" -- not "science" -- fiction. And there are new translations now. Wonder if I can persuade the book group to read it next?

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To change the subject . . . check out Guusje's new blog, re-designed by yours truly.

Anyone else want one?


  • I want one! :) Do I need to leave you my e-mail for further instruct--er requests? ;)


    posted by Blogger mrsd on 10:11 PM  

  • I just realized that I complimented Guusje on her blog design but never did the same for you! So, let me rectify that oversight -- your new look is terrific! How cool that you did it yourself.

    posted by Blogger Suzanne on 3:42 PM  

  • I love the way your blog looks. I'm completely impressed with your blog making abilities. How did you get such a neat background on your page? You are a genuis! What's the going rate on tidying up a blog?

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  • I've tried to post for 2 nights straight. Your talents are SUPERB, JULIE!!!! :)

    After I devoured the fluffy, but addicting Nancy Drew series, where each book was read in a flourish of a couple of hrs, I graduated a couple of years later to A. Christie.

    The first book I read of hers intrigued me b/c it was the first one that I read that had two titles. I read an old copy from the libary entitled And Then There Were None, which most here probably know is the equivalent of Ten Little Indians.

    I have more to say about books and movies but am afraid i will be booted. Ex. "Murder on the Orient Express.". I am one who prefers the book to the movie and often does not see the movie done of a book, unless.... (later)

    If I lived near you, I'd be happy to read more of Verne. I'm open to learning. Book groups (after college) were the way I was exposed to reading material I might nor or even never, would have read on my own accord.

    (I do have net meeting capability w/ video and audio... lol to join your book group!!! ROFL) Wink

    posted by Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) on 9:31 AM  

  • Me too, Gel!!! I went straight from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie. When I realized that no one ever gets murdered in Nancy Drew books, I never looked back. Always preferred Poirot and Tommy & Tuppence to Miss Marple, though.

    Re: books about abuse. Those are the ones that affected me the most. I still get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach from books like Sibyl and Michelle Remembers. But you're right. They should be read (though maybe not by 9 year olds).

    And hey, no one will EVER get booted off THIS blog for talking about books or movies!

    Re: Verne. Maybe we should start a virtual book group. We could start a new blog where we take turns posting about a book of the month. I know you can set up a blog so that more than one person has access to it.

    posted by Blogger Julie on 9:48 AM