Sticklers, Part II

Duh! I just realized I forgot to tell you the reason why I wrote about sticklers in the first place. My whole point about that was to justify my nit-picky criticism of The Little Women in the previous post. I mean, what kind of obsessive dork would be bothered by a single three-word phrase ("solitary and hungry")?

Today I started the next Chrismubirthdaykah book: The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith. I can't say enough good things about his other series, the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. Oh, are they good! They made me want to emigrate to Botswana. Seriously.

For my son's 9th birthday dinner we had take-out Indian food, including plenty of mango lassis to drink, and then a birthday cake made and "decorated" by me. If I can figure out how to post photos, I'll show you what it looked like. Oh ha ha ha!