My little baby's growing up (sniffle)

Normally I'm not one to get all choked up over developmental milestones. Learning to sit up, going off to kindergarten, riding a two-wheeler, losing a tooth, these are good things. Mostly, they make Mommy's life a lot easier.

A couple of days ago I took the two big kids to the pediatrician for their annual checkups and learned that my oldest doesn't need a booster seat in the car any more. This too is a good thing, one less thing to worry about, but honestly, I feel a little choked up about it.

Another thing that catches me, every time, is when I say to Mister Nine Years Old, "Honey, go take a shower now." And all by his own self he goes to the bathroom and shuts the door. After a while he comes out clean. And dressed. Often his towel is back on the rack.

And Miss Almost Six, well, she can put her own hair into a ponytail.